Happy Anniversary!

What a super month July has been for the Village Inn Family. Between the fantastic weather, the Independence Day fireworks and our unofficial Anniversary we have had so much to celebrate. July 14th marked off one year to the day since we had our unofficial grand reopening after the fire that kept us remodeling for nearly two years. What a blessing it’s been for all involved. From the Vallee family, over 50 employees and the countless local businesses we use that count on your patronage, it’s been a long time in coming. This first year has been riddled with new experiences, old friends and good times. It truly is like coming home for dinner and coming home has never felt so warm and inviting thanks to our hard working staff and you, our ever welcomed patrons..

Meet the Staff……..

Each month in the Captain’s Club newsletter we will be featuring one of our employees for our readers to meet. This month we are happy to introduce Denise Wallingford! Denise is our day shift supervisor. She graduated from Auburns own Edward Little High School before spending 3 years in the U.S Army Reserves as a dental assistant. Married with two sons, her and her husband ran a local business for over 20 years. Denise enjoys the people she works with and loves meeting new people. Having enjoyed dining at The Village Inn with her family, she decided to apply for work here as a second generation employee with The Vallees. That’s right, her father worked for Norman Vallee in the 1960’s as a cook! Such is the rich tradition here at the Village Inn, three generations and going strong. Our thanks to Denise Wallingford and rest of our attentive staff!

Local Folks, Local Business.

The Vallee family work diligently to bring you the freshest local products Maine has to offer. From our legendary seafood and desserts right down to our silverware and napkins, we strive to use local folks and local businesses to stock the shelves, maintain the property and to finish the on going improvements and unseen remodeling still underway. This brings us this month to talk about our bread and Lepage Bakeries. Country Kitchen and the Village Inn have been in business together seemingly forever to bring you the freshest dinner rolls, buns and other breads scattered throughout our vast menu. On any given weekend we can serve up over a thousand dinner rolls as a courtesy while our customers relax and enjoy their dinner. It warms our hearts to know with the help of our patrons we are in turn putting local bakers, packagers and distributers to work right here in Auburn, Maine. You can visit Lepage Bakeries at www.lepagebakeries.com.

Hot, Dang Hot!

July has thus far been a scorcher! With temperatures in the 90’s most of the month it’s no wonder our drink servers have been working double time to cool your pallet. This has been a great time to try one of our homegrown frozen drink beverages. The Village Inn’s own Portside Lounge features for instance the Plank Walk: Pinnacle Vodka, Kahlua & Irish Cream blended with vanilla ice cream, topped with whipped cream. Why not try one today!